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Sicily Luxury Tours

Food and wine tours of Sicily

a travel in the taste and tradition

Our idea of exclusive food and wine tour of Sicily

We designed for you a selection of exclusive wine and food tours that let you discover the most delicious part of Sicily to experience the island and its history through the culinary heritage left by all people that ruled over the centuries in the island. Greeks introduced wine, Arabs the sweet-sour dishes and unique desserts and the Spanish domination left in Sicily, among the others, the amazing Aztec chocolate. Our food and wine tours offer an unforgettable experience that will let you touch the Sicilian culinary tradition between traditional cuisine and starred Michelin restaurants, between products of excellence and ancient recipes.

Our food and wine tours let you discover the traditions of a country through authentic, original and absorbing  experiences designed for people that are looking for vibrant experiences during their holidays, lived with respect to nature and aware that the producers deserve to be appreciated for their role as guardians of a great culture. Experts of the local culinary tradition will guide you with passion during our food and wine tours through an exciting journey between savors, aromas, smells, history and panoramas.

Let you be guided by us to discover the Sicilian culinary tradition!

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